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Our mentoring program provides positive role models for Middle and High School students. The goal of this program is to provide the participants with the opportunity to develop the skills and experiences needed to be successful in life.

The program is designed to expose the participant to important life lessons and provide them with cultural and enrichment activities which will aid them in their road to success. Participants will also develop an awareness of the dynamics of the Body (anatomy), the Mind (intellect) and the Soul (spiritual dimension).

The 100 Black Men of Bradley County will ensure that the mentoring program is one of the most important contributions to the local community and society at large. Our commitment to the youth is to encourage the completion of high school, the pursuit of a post secondary education, and to provide guidance and financial assistance as needed. Participants in the program will be considered first for application into the 100 Black Men of Bradley County scholarship programs.


The 100 Black Men of America, Inc. has been educating and empowering youth for over three decades. The original concept of providing education and support to youth began with a group of African American men in New York in 1963 which has been 55 years. Today, hundreds of chapters work with local school systems, along with corporate and community partners, to deliver educational support services and unique learning opportunities that assist youth in achieving their educational goals.

As a leader in mentoring, educating and empowering youth, it was a natural progression for 100 Black Men to become partners and sponsors with schools. In some locations, 100 chapters have charted and are operating schools. The themes of achieving excellence and partnering with school boards, parents and the community resonates across all these schools. The 100’s education initiatives inspire confidence, create cultural awareness and foster academic leadership.

The 100 Black Men of Bradley County provide financial support to students attending college. 

Participants in the The 100 Black Men of Bradley County's Accrued Scholarship Program may receive grants as well as the opportunity to earn funds through activities that benefit the community and teach thrift, industry and good citizenship principles.