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The 100 Black Men of Bradley County provide two opportunities for youth to obtain funding for their education.  Accrued Scholarship Program gives participants the opportunity to earn funds through activities that benefit the community and teach thrift, industry and good citizenship principles. The College Tuition Assistance Program provides support to students attending college.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must maintain a cumulative 2.5 or higher GPA (attach official transcripts with seal). The applicant must be free of gang-involvement, alcohol, tobacco and illegal substance abuse at the time of application and must remain so. The applicant must agree, as a condition of acceptance into the program, to perform a minimum of 25 hours of documented community service work annually in approved projects for nonprofit organizations. The applicant must be a citizen of the United States. The applicant must be a resident of Bradley County. The applicant must have resided in Bradley County for a minimum of 24 months consecutively.

While past participation in our mentoring program isn’t a requirement, preference is given to students who benefited from our program with regular attendance. To receive funds upon graduation, an applicant for the Scholarship Program must be accepted at an accredited technical school, college or university. 

Application Process

The following materials should be submitted:

  • Completion of an application form (Signed by the student and parents/guardians

  • Official high school transcript with seal

  • A typed 500 word essay written by the student titled "What Participation in the 100 Black Men Scholarship Program Means to Me".  The essay must be double spaced and also include why financial assistance in the form of a scholarship is needed, and what factors, obstacles, or challenges (within the applicant's family, school or community) have placed the student at risk and how the student is striving to overcome said obstacles.

  • Letters of recommendation from any of the following (minimum of 2): (A) Member of the 100 Black Men of Bradley County (Maximum of 1 Member Letter) (B) A Pastor, Teacher/Counselor, Employer, Supervisor, Organization or community leader.

The 100 Black Men of Bradley County has awarded over $1,000,000 through its Accrued Scholarship Program and its College Tuition Assistant Program in the last 29 years of service within this community. If you have questions or need further information, please send an email to

NOTE: The 100 Black Men of Bradley County reserves the right to request additional information to confirm your eligibility for the program. 

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Educational Program Participants
2022 - 2023

College Tuition Assistance

Mr. Andre Parker - University of Tennessee at Martin

Mr. Romeo Wykle - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Ms. Lauren Goldston - University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Mr. JaCobi Wood - Murray State University

Ms. Jaelyn Blackwell - University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Mr. Kendrick Cox - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Ms. Mariyah Person - Chattanooga State Technical Community College

Mr. Jonathan Heralus - University of the Cumberlands

Ms. Niyah Sharp - Billare Beauty Institute

Accrued Scholarship Recipients

Mr. Jasen Brooks - Cleveland High School

Mr. Alex Hyder - Cleveland High School

The application period for the 2023 scholarship award year has now ended. Please revisit next year for eligibility details and the opportunity to apply.

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